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For the beautiful Church of St. John the Baptist in Manayunk, PA, just north of the city of Philadelphia, Joseph Sibbel joined efforts with the famous ecclesiastical architect Patrick C. Keely of Brooklyn, New York, to produce a breathtaking interior that can still be appreciated today.

The high altar of the church, built by the Boston company of Charles E. Hall features two Joseph Sibbel statues: St. Bernard and St. Cecilia, the patron saints of Bernard and Cecilia McCane whose generosity paid for the construction of the church which was dedicated in 1894.

On Dec. 11, 1899, the Philadelphia Inquirer, impressed by the artist's representation of St. Anthony of Padua, featured the statue in an article which stated that the marble came from the Serravezza quarries, in Italy, where the great artist Michelangelo obtained the material for his works of art.

St. John the Baptist Church houses many other examples of the fine sculpture of Joseph Sibbel. In niches at the tops of four columns in the front of the church are Saints Peter and Paul (patron saints of the Diocese of Philadelphia), Saint John the Baptist (patron saint of this parish), and Saint Patrick (patron saint of the Irish). In the transepts of the church are Sibbel's statues of St. Joseph and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For those who live in the city, a visit to this beautiful House of God is a must; for those who live elsewhere, this church makes the trip worthwhile!

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St. Patrick's Cathedral New York City
St. John the Baptist Church Manayunk, PA
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Click on the image of the church to see a photo of the high altar created by the Charles E. Hall Company of Boston with statues by Joseph Sibbel.
The interior of St. John the Baptist Church with a view of the bas-relief Stations of the Cross executed by Joseph Sibbel. For a larger image of Sibbel's statue of St. Anthony of Padua (in the corner) click on the photo above.

Churches and Locations

St. John the Baptist Church
Manayunk, PA
St. Mary's Chapel
Mercyhurst College
North East, PA
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